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At Sipes Architects one of our core values is sustainability. We are constantly striving to lesson our impact on the environment. We value the ecological, economic, and cultural health of our community and our valley. We integrate sustainability into our management and facility operations and into our interactions with visitors and guests. 

Building Strategies


U.S. Green Building Council Member

Since 2019 we have been members, following “the nation’s foremost coalition of leaders working to transform the way buildings and communities are designed, built, and operated, enabling an environmentally and socially responsible, healthy, and prosperous environment that improves the quality of life.” 


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 Walking Mountains Science Center:

  • Certified LEED Platinum Building

  • Solar Panels

  • Green Roofs

  • Straw Insultation

  • Beetle Kill Wood




We recognize that we are a part of a larger system, in which working together a necessity to properly care for our natural resources and our planet.

Actively Green

Through Walking Mountains Science Center, we are working to become “Actively Green.” In this process we are holding ourselves accountable, and taking steps to make our business as eco-friendly as we can. (Once we create our Sustainability plan with WMSC, this would be a good place to add detailed information about what we are doing exactly, i.e., recycling, composting, LED lightbulbs, etc.)​

Buying Local

As a local business ourselves, we recognize the importance of supporting fellow community members in order to help our local economy as well as lesson our impact on the environment from shipping products.




1% For The Planet

As members, we donate 1% of gross sales each year to support the internationally respected brand in their efforts to help fund diverse environmental organizations.

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